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30 day mass effect challenge - why do you love mass effect? {love, sweet love}


You know, the reason I love Dragon Age, and DA2 in particular is because it’s so frustrating, and it’s so frustrating because everyone has a pet cause, and dammit, they’re all right. 

Fenris is right that the system in Tevinter is rotten to the core, and needs to be dismantled. 

Merrill is right that her people desperately need their history and magic preserved and understood. 

Aveline is right that Kirkwall needs some god damned order, sweet lord. 

Varric is right— in the end it’s about helping your friends and keeping your head down and not being too much of a dick. 

Carver is right that Hawke can be an arrogant prick. 

Bethany is right that not being in control of your own destiny is bullshit. 

Anders, oh Anders. He’s right too— mages do deserve the freedom to live. Not to rule, not to tyrannize, but to live outside the panopticon, to live free from abuse. 

Sebastian is right to be conflicted over his vows and his duty to Starkhaven. 

Which of them is the most right depends on the experience that the player brings to the table, and calls it into question and tangles it into an uncomfortable ball of self-inquiry and grey ethical muck. 

I love Anders the most, because I’ve personally, in my life, been called an apostate, and suffered at the hands of religious fanatics. I identify with him, I understand what isolation does to you, what being reviled does to you, what being accused of evil does to you. 

But I don’t see a divide, or a need to take sides, because all the sides are the right side. All of them. You can simultaneously be on everyone’s side at once, and against their stupid pigheaded decisions and irritated by their fucktruckery toward each other at the same time. 

And that is good storytelling. That is good character building. That is making the stakes real and kindling passionate responses in your audience. So Bravo, Bioware. 

mass effect 2 loyalty missions film posters
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dragon age graphics challenge: [13/15] mage, warrior, or rogue?

A rogue fights with precision. Whether unleashing a torrent of arrows at range, or landing cut after devastating cut up close, these deadly combatants focus on a single target and dismantle it with deadly efficiency.



the whole ‘aromantic asexual people are just straight people’ says a lot about people’s belief in ‘straight is the default’

it’s like a multiple choice quiz where you answer “none of the above” and then the proctor is like “AH YES I SEE YOU WENT WITH ANSWER A” as you’re sitting there like “no that’s the opposite of my answer”

Blessed are they who stand before The corrupt and the wicked and do not falter. Blessed are the peacekeepers, the champions of the just.

Benedictions 4:10